Biggles through time

Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with the abysmal film to hold the Biggles name!

I love old books but scared to read them for fear of damaging them. Having come into possession of several box’s filled with the books I have started to read through them and have to say that even though I am a fan of Sci-Fi and fantasy, I am now a fan of the books. My own work is set in the alternative victorian timeline but to sit a read books set during world war one is refreshing.

I would just like to thank all those people who have sat down, read the books and written out the reading order lists.

Thanks guys.

1038 Pages of H.G.Wells

Just received an early present of four box’s of books by the Author Captain W.E. Johns and on top of the pile is an old book printed in 1866 titled The Complete Short Story’s of H.G.Wells the book ways in at 1038 pages long and is the longest book I have ever put put my hands on. Add in the Biggles books By W.E.Johns and I have a nice collection of old books to read.

Right where’s the cup of tea, time to read a treebook!