BBC’s Wolf Hall in Somerset.

Montacute house

Montacute house, Montacute, Somerset (Near Yeovil)

Barrington Court House, Barrington, Somerset.

Barrington Court House, Barrington, Somerset.

BBC and Channel 4 have been broadcasting quite a bit of historical drama of late and the one I have just started to watch is Wolf Hall which is based around Henry VIII and his wives. As a Natural Trust member I have had free access to Natural Trust properties. For the first time this year I found time to make use of my pass and went out exploring. Within 45 mins drive of me is several Natural Trust properties and my target was to visit Montacute House in the picturesque village of Montacute just outside of Yeovil in Somerset.

Not knowing anything about this place I just dropped in on a whim. As it turned out, this place along with Barrington Court (20 mins away ) were used in the BBC series Wolf Hall and is based around Henry VIII and his wives. I have just started to watch the series and not sure what to make of it yet.

Swains leaps.

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Finding a carriage driver who would bring me out here on a Sunday morning had proved a bit of a trial, but I was here now leaving my driver on the road to Glastonbury while I investigate the story.

Crossing the road, I headed along through the woodland road and eventually came across a wooden plaque nailed to a tree. Or should I say, was. The plaque was snow sat on the ground but it still pointed into the woods. Something felt off, something that mirrored part of my past and I had come armed and ready for trouble. Strapped to my hip was a more powerful version of my lightning gun and slung over my back hung a Winchester rifle. Looking back down the road at my driver, I took a deep breath and headed into the woods.

As I crept through the wood I had the feeling of being watched, was this just paranoia spawned from my past history or was there really trouble around. After pushing through the woods, I eventually came across a small clearing. In the middle stood four stones in the ground and another small wooden board explaining the significance of the stones. I knelt down to inspect them and felt something warm on my hip. Pulling my long coat behind me, I realised the my gun was glowing. This weapon was special and the glowing was showing that there was a force in the area that it was drawing energy from. I withdrew the weapon, stood up and walked around the clearing holding  it out in front of me. As I reached the far side of the clearing, the glow increased and I spotted a low lying fog creep across the ground. I stated towards the fog and now knew how swain had escaped.  There was a Vail gate here and swain must have discovered it.

The Mystery of the Three Jumps in somerset (help and links please?)

On the A39 near the junction of Wood land is a sign pointing to “The Three Jumps”.

My boss told be the story of how it got its name but I am yet to find any information on it.

During the Monmouth rebellion a man was captured and given one last request before he was to be executed.

“I want to make three last jumps before I die.”

Seeing that he was surrounded and had no where to run, they granted it. The first two jumps went fine. On as he landed on the third he sprinted off into the woods and escaped.

The story tells that the never found him again. and the sign posted area was where he made the jumps.

Has anyone got any historical reference links to this story?

NaNoWriMo Begins.

So, its the First day of NaNoWriMo, the 1st of November 2013 and I have started my NaNoNoval.

What is it called?
Un imaginatively, it is called the Diaries of James Purcell Volume 1 and is the start of what will become the story of how an Irish boy with an interest on mythical creatures becomes the captain of an airship, one of the few specialists of Mythobiology and hero, a wanted man and then one of the most feared men for over 100 years.

This was going to be a prequel but as I said, It has been pushed to the front of the line. 

Currently my word count is a low 700 words so I better get cracking. 

Happy NaNoWriMo everyone especially those of the UK Bath, Bristol and Somerset regions!