CampNaNo Novel now locked.

CampNaNo Novel now locked.

So, after much deliberation, I have settled on what I will do for CampNaNo.

I had planned on working on one of the many side novels that accompany the main series but after looking through a draft of book two and three that I sent to someone, I have settle on a complete rewrite of the book. Now that I am working through the second draft of Book one, the time line is locked and I can go back to work out cleaning them up.

I am making use of Spellcheckplus to correct my spelling and grammar as I go and already see an improvement. While there are many things that the site gets correct there are still one or two things that it does not quite understand (All Hallows Eve).

I think I may pay up and subscribe to the site to a full year as it has made my writing better.

Customised Spell checker and Auto-complete in OSX

Customised Spell checker and Auto-complete in OSX

I don’t know if this is at all possible but it is getting to a stage where a need a highly customised by lingual OSX dictionary, Spell checker, auto correct and Thesaurus all in one tool!

My problem is that with words like there, their and they’re I always end up picking the wrong one! I find that I can not get to grips with words that have multiple spellings but sound the same or words that are spelled differently to how I pronounce them 

I.E = The word sure – I have always pronounced it Shure  (Note the “H”) 

It is these kind of words that send me screaming and drive me up the wall.

Another problem I have is with through, thought and throat. again to most these words are miles apart in sound and meaning but again I cant grasp the difference when it comes to writing them down!

What I need is a plug-in that can pick up on these words and pop up a suggestion box with there meanings but works OS wide and not on individual programs. I am not a programmer and have no understanding how the Dictionary/Spell checker/Auto correct services work.

I hope someone out there can understand what I am wanting and point/help me build this.

Max OSX (Pages 09) and proofreading.

Max OSX (Pages 09) and proofreading.

While spell checking and proofreading my book in Pages 09 on Mac OSX I came across some oddities that make it difficult for the EN-UK users.

The spell checker and grammar rules rely on EN-US. Some of the rules are that colour is not recognised but the american color is recognised. SS is replaced as ZZ and the proofreader has a distaste of gender specific words. Some of this could be down to anti-discrimination rules and laws, but when you trying to write a historical based piece of work is gets down right annoying.

Call this a rant or a moan but I just thought this may be worth pointing out.