Proving rather difficult.

Well this is proving quite difficult to pin down the beginning of the series. With all that is to come, it’s hard to put into words.

Below is the second draft from the beginning of The Diaries of James Purcell and is there fore copyright Adam Bryant.

The werewolf looked up into the cloud covered sky seeking the full moon that was glowing somewhere above. Rain was falling in a great torrent and his fur was already soaked through, the rain running down his back along his skin. A shiver caused by the cold water caused him to shake and for the third time in ten minutes, he stretched and gave a canine shake in an attempt to shed some of the accumulated excess weight. He was here by order of the clans elder who had told him that he was to bring about a great war of which he was to become the greatest leader of the clan. Tonight was the first step is a plan that would take nearly twenty years to come to fruition.

In the street below him, illuminated by the amber glow of the streets gas lighting, people were spilling out of the theatre having enjoyed whatever show had been on. Old an young exited the building completely oblivious to the werewolf stood on the roof watching them, some of them had the forethought to remember an umbrella but of those who didn’t, he watched them running through the rain. He was on the look out for one newly engaged couple, the woman he could have his way with but then man was the key to the future of the world. As he watched, the last of the theatre goers walked out of the door into the night, standing hand in hand was the couple matching the description that had been given by the elder. The were wolf cast a look up and down the road looking for signs of police, happy to not see any source of distraction, he turned and jump off the roof, landing in the alley that the couple would be passing.