My Personal Web site.



The time has come for me to work on the web site for my books, but I have hit one massive road block.

When I started learning html and css I only had one screen size to worry about and that was a pc/laptop screen. Now I have to make things work for pc/laptops, tablets and mobile phones, but not only that I have to also make them work in both portrait and landscape mode…

I have put up my (Alpha test version) here, but it is for the iPad and I now have to redesign several elements to work on phones (its a bit lagging on the iPhone 5s)

The version above is for the pc version and sort of works, but only for pc/laptops.

Once I have the css working for the 3 versions, I then have to compile the css into one reactive fluid template.

Goodreads Author Page Added

I have added another page to the menu links. After a somewhat arduous task (cause by the merger of Goodreads and Shelfari) I am now recognised as the author of my own books.

I have been filling in my author page but finding some bugs on the book detail pages that are preventing me from adding additional materials.

I hope this bug is fixed soon, but until then,

See you in port next time airship captains.

What is the question when Patreon is the answer.

I have been looking into setting up a Patreon account in order to raise funds and like many others I feel like it’s the wrong thing to do and I keep getting stuck on the same questions
What can I offer that will entice people to invest in me?
Am I really worth receiving investment?
Is it really worth it?
Is this really the best way to go about seeking investment?

From the Oxford English Dictionary


Synonyms of patron in English:


  • 1a patron of the arts

    sponsorbacker, financier, subsidizer, underwriter, guarantor, benefactor/benefactresscontributorsubscriberdonor;
    informal angel
    A wise man once said that, “we are our own worse enemy.” Every time I think about it I manage to put myself off starting.
  • Book #02 Editing and Formatting.


    I can not say if the writing stage of Book #02 Æther Shadow is now finished, but I have now moved on to the Editing and Formatting stage of the book. It may not be all tied up and clean, but until I pass this stage I can not hand it out to the beta readers to check.

    The above image shows the layout I am using in scrivner to organise my book and shows how much I have been slacking over it. I have finished the bulk work on the first interactive fiction game and that also need to be cleaned up, but so far the feedback has been positive (still cannot get it to work on non fire kindle devices)

    Dragon Hunt has stalled due to being lazy and I am yet to build a website.

    I still have a lot of work to get everything ready by All Hallows Eve (release date) and I have my fingers crossed that it will all be ready.

    So goodbye for now and see you in port next time Airship captains.


    Adding a background to Twine CSS


    As I work through the next version of my Interactive Fiction I started looking into changing how the background is displayed. Once I remembered my CSS, this turned out to be simple.


    (Please excuse the poor colouring here)

    To make this change I first exported the file to html and dropped it into a folder. I then created the background image and saved it into the same folder as the html file.

    To make the change you then have to click on the button at the bottom left and click “Edit Story Style”.

    This make the CSS window open (empty)

    Then you add

    tw-story {
    background-image: url(“tw_bg.png”);

    This (as shown in the above image) only changes the main display section where the main body of the text appears.

    There is more here that can be edited, tw-story is the main holder container and you can change the fonts and the colours also from here.

    I’m tired so thats all for now,

    see you in port next time Airship Captains.

    From Fiction to Interactive Fiction (Part 2)


    From Fiction to Interactive Fiction (Part 2)

    While working through my Interactive Fiction based on my own story I started to think about the flow differences between the two formats.

    Normally when you write a story there is a strait line flow from the start to the middle and to the end (with the exception of wondering off to explore other characters stories) however, with Interactive Fiction, there is quite a bit of wondering off the main story allowing readers/players to explore or search for clues before the story can continue. Trying to keep this in mind leaves lots of areas to drop hints and clues for other stories, but can get a bit distracting for someone who prefers the linear writing format normally associated to novel writing.

    Opp’s I left this a bit late and my coach is arriving ready for my next outing.

    See you in port Next time Airship Captains.

    From Fiction to Interactive Fiction.

    For longer then I have been writing I have always wanted to write an Interactive Fiction game (think Zork), but never having the idea or the skill to make one I have never given it much thought until last year when I discovered Inform7.  While I made a start in Inform7 I found it to be difficult. I recently discovered Twine after someone else started using it and found it much easer to get along with.


    This image is a sample from Twines layout panel showing how rooms (areas) connect (content blurred to stop spoilers). The coding is so much simple as it is far more “plain text” then Inform7 and includes HTML. The other great thing is that it outputs to a ready to use webpage.

    The first version of the Interactive fiction has worked fine on several devices that took time to test, the one notable exception is that the experimental browser on the kindle touch  is not able to load the page.

    Now the alpha has finished I can concentrate on rewriting the manuscript to convert it into a more game like structure.

    Well lets see how it looks next week.

    See you in port next time Airship Captains.

    Enemy Territory.

    I jest, but I have finally managed to get the iBooks version of “The End” compiled an uploaded.

    So whats the problem?

    I fear that the conversion has not gone down properly. I used the same source that was compiled in scrivner for the Kindle version, but I am nervous that the conversion to epub went wrong.

    Again, what the problem?

    I can’t see what the book looks like until it’s live because there is no preview. I have to trust that the finale version will look like the epub when it goes live!

    Now that’s out the way time for a bigger update.

    The following contains a big spoilers for those who only read the paperback and iBooks Version

    T.D.o.J.P:Book #1.0 : Æther Shadow has finished the 7th draft and is now in the process for editing and Book #2.0: Kitsune still need the first draft rewritten (A 1/3rd has to be cut and moved to a different book leaving it far to short.)
    Dragons Rising: Exiles is about halfway through the first draft and has a change of series name,
    Sirens: Shelly Lee has begun the note taking stage.

    Sirens is set in the same worlds as The Diaries of James Purcell, but is a side series that fills gaps between the main series from the perspectives of the other characters.

    That’s all for now, see you in port next time Airship Captains.


    Book 1.0 Æther Shadow rev 7

    I have just finished the seventh revision of book 1 Æther Shadow and bar the spelling and grammar check and edit this revision will be sent out to the reviewers and bug checks.

    So glad that it’s nearly finished as in all honesty, I’m sick of the site of it.
    Not because its bad its because I hate to read the same book twice.

    I’m eager to move on to the next book, but at this stage there is two that are demanding to be written at the same time.