Track of the Week

Track of the Week

The weeks “Track of the week” comes from the site Storm cloud.

The track I’ve chosen is called Glittered ripples from the depths by The Synthetic Dream Foundation.

Glittered ripples from the depths

I think this fits in with the current Steampunk mode.

Untill next time – See you in port soon Airship Captains.

Off Project 5 and book covers.

Off Project 5 and book covers.

So I’ve actually done some writing this week after finishing my Japanese course and Project 5 is now up to 1700 words, this gives me 500 words left to fill in with the fight scene. I have plenty of video references and pictures so I just need to actually write!

I Have also mocked up my first book cover so I’m actually doing some thing. If I can only work out the last few bits then I can finish the master cover.

May be able to finish something then this month!

That’s all for now, see you in port next time, Airship Captains.

See you in port next time Airship Pilots!

A break from writing???

A break from writing???


Well the competition entry’s have been handed in and I started re-reading the work done on “Tales of the Aether Shadow – England

I may have to change some of the fundamental basics of it due to possible copyright claims but lets see how far it goes.

At 19 thousand worlds its well short of the 50K minimum for a novel and by my planning is about 60%!

I’m going to break it down into a series of mini stories and see if I can work things out from there. TotAS is actually a series of two parallel books telling each side story of a war spanning two dimentions.

England covers Captain James Purcell and the crew of the Aether Shadow, as they try to cope with people trying to take the ship away from them.

Albion tells the story of the forces of the Camalonions, the builders of the ship as they try to leave there dieing dimension.

In the end the “Diary’s of James Purcell” will have covered war, Mythical creatures, trans dimensions and living in Victorian England.

That’s all for now, see you in port next time, Airship Captains.

Signed, sealed and awaiting posting.

Signed, sealed and awaiting posting.

Well that’s done and dusted, two steampunk short story’s for a writing competition finished making three now finished. now for the other story’s to do.

What’s holding me back from sending off the first for publishing? The cover. I can’t draw very well and my photoshop is quite literally 2nd to none, as in I have next to no ability! I have a few idea’s for covers  but nothing planned out yet.

The book is stalled at Nineteen thousand words, I have to re-read what I have written so far and make a start on editing the existing notes.


Project 1 – Tales of the Aether ShadowJames and the crew of the Aether Shadow must fight to protect there ship and friends connected to the ship.

Project 2 – Creature/Eleanors Beast (Name changing) – The creature that killed Jame’s betrothed and been tracked done. Will he get revenge?

Project’s 3 and 4 – Writing competition entry’s.

Project 5 – Dragon hunt – James gets caught in a fight between two of Albion’s dragons hiding in our world.

Project 6 – Kitsune, A return of a friend from James and Shelly’s childhood returns seeking help.

See you in port soon, Airship Pilots.

A new Blog and a new start to the year.

A new Blog and a new start to the year.

I have started something I swore I would never do when I left school….. Write!

I hated school, I failed english (native language), had trouble trying to learn spelling and grammar (nothing changed there!) however, I find my self writing.

I’m currently working on “The Diary’s of Captain James Purcell“, this will be a long project consisting of story’s of varying lengths.

Its set in an alternative “SteampunkVictorian era but also has mythical creatures and magic. I just hope I combine it all sucsessfully.

So far, excluding artwork, I have finished  my first story, have two more ready for a writing competition and have a few wips on the go.

I still need to finish editing then send them away to the competition but I’m living in hope.

Well that’s it for the first post.


See you in port soon, Airship Pilots.