Scripting a sword Fight Part II.

Scripting a sword Fight Part II.


It’s turning out to be hard work as alot of the old information in missing or not published (or the old books are kept hidden away.)

However the following have been of very interesting use.

First up, Reclaiming the Blade by Anchor bay studio,

Is an interesting documentary on how the art of sword fighting is slowly being lost and what others are doing to bring it back. It also has a section on sword construction.

Next up

Old Sword play.

Is an Ebook that contains lots of poses, stances and moves that are used by sword fighters and is based on the works of the old masters from the 1500’s onwards.

I’m still struggling through making each of the sixteen fights different and it is a struggle. (I will have to do this again in four books time.)

I still have second thoughts over adding this chapter but until I finish, I wont have the clear picture.

Thank you for following.

Scripting a sword fight.

One of my books chapters requires scripting 16 unique sword fight duel’s

The first was a simple quick affair however making the rest is becoming very daunting. To accomplish this task I am watching loads of sword fights and am about to study the works of of the old masters. I feel this could be easer If i could actually experience a sword fight (or some training) but I will write this chapter so that it is worthy of a screen play.

Keep watching and reading.

See you in port next time Airship Captains.

The art of writing a sword fight.

The art of writing a sword fight.

Despite what people say, there are no rules for sword fights. A proper fight (unless is scripted fights) had no rules, it was just one man against another, aiming to maim of kill each other. A proper sword fight is a free for all fight where anything goes.

In the medieval times, you couldn’t say “Sorry that thrust is not in the rules and doesn’t count.” If someone came at you with a weapon, you used anything including bare fists to survive.

You could call this a rant, which is what its like but there will always be those who complain when writers diverge from what others have written before.

Well, short and abrupt but I had to voice it.

First fail of Challange.

Well it feels like a fail to me.

it’s the 9th today and only written 8000 words on book two (well 8395) but did add 2413 words back into book one that I had previously removed. Still feel like its taking away from the main story line but it does introduce Marcus, Alison and Davis to the story instead of just dumping them in.

I need a holiday to gain some experience to help refresh the brain.

See you in port next time Airship Captain’s

The Diaries of James Purcell (The story behind the story.)

The Diaries of James Purcell (The story behind the story.)

So finally it’s time to unleash the story behind my books.


The Diaries of James Purcell


They say that for every decision made, there is a world where the opposite has been made. The worlds of England and Albion are two such worlds. Both developed technology the same way how ever Albion’s point of divergence was caused by the birth of one child.

Arthur Pendragon, the prophesied child that would create a new kingdom and be the greatest ruler of all time. In our world, the birth of Arthur and death of Uther’s wife lead to a mass purge of magic users and disappearance of magic from our world. However, in Albion The queen didn’t die and Uther did not hunt magic users. The Pendragon’s rule lasted for over five generations and with the support and aid of magic users, Camelot has lasted to this day.


This long rule has come with unfortunate side effects, Magic wars have lets the world dying, Storms ravage the land and monsters caused by wild spells are slowly destroying the natural life of the world.


Our worlds are separated by the Vail. This sub world is a barrier that keeps are world separated. This barrier is not solid, there are hidden pathways that connect our worlds. Those magic users of our world new of them and used them to escape Uther’s purge however they are small and not able to transport anything bigger then a horse or cow so difficult to get enough people through to form an invasion force.


Lord Norlan Bracegirdle, a genius with steam and Aetheric technology invented a ship capable of transporting large objects and groups across the vail. The first ship was able to cross the vail but due to lack of magic or Aether as scientist now call it, was unable to travel back. A second ship was created that could make a return journey across the Vail.


Something went wrong and the second ship was lost. The project was delayed and the first ship was sold to a captain of our world. After years of study Lord Bracegirdle has figured out how to get the ship and its technology back to his world but there is a problem.


The ship is now rebuilt, crewed and in constant use by a Captain who will not give it up. As the plans are drawn up for a fresh invasion of our world, the captain and the crew have to fight to protect not just family and friends, they also have to fight to protect there world from the coming darkness.